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Problem with Intel rst

Hi friends I have a problem when I start my notebook. Since I have updated the drivers by starting my pc for a few seconds appears this screen (file attached) and the notebook is very slow. Someone can tell me how to remove that... I am a beginner. Thanks
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Nello, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support.


In order for us to provide the most accurate assistance on this matter, we just wanted to confirm a few details about your system:

Are you using a RAID configuration on your laptop?

If that is the case, which type of RAID level are you working with?

Is this a new computer?

You mentioned "Since I have updated the drivers", which drivers are you referring to?

Did you make any recent hardware/software changes besides installing those drivers?

Which Windows* version are you using?

Please provide the SSU report so we can verify further details about the components in your platform:



Any questions, please let me know.



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Hi thanks for your reply. As I have written I am really a beginner. I have no idea what is a raid configuration. My notebook is a Sony Vaio and it's 6 years old. But it was always very fast even with the latest version of windows 10. A week ago I used a software that checks and updates the drivers. This software has updates many drivers of Intel and after that I started having problems. I tried to restore windows 10 but it was useless. Always the same by starting the notebook. It displays what I posted and for 10 minutes it's very slow. I understand that it's difficult to help me with so little information. Anyway thanks for your help.
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This look to me like this machine is using the HDD for Windows and, via Intel SRT, using the small SSD as a cache to accelerate the performance of this HDD. During the driver update, it looks like the association between the HDD and SSD was somehow broken. I can't be sure, but I would guess that this happened because a newer version of Intel RST was installed that did not contain support for Intel SRT.
What tool did you use to update the laptop's drivers?
What you need to do is:
1. Execute the Intel RST OP-ROM program (by pressing CTRL-I during system startup) and disable the cache drive (mark it as non-RAID). This will remove the error you are seeing and allow you to boot cleanly from your HDD.
2. From Windows, start the Intel RST GUI and re-accelerate the HDD using the SSD as the cache.
This sounds simple, but it may not be because of the changes made by the driver update program.
Hi thanks again for your help. I think your analysis was right! Now by starting there is no more what was displayed. Unfortunately I don't know how to proceed with the number 2 point.
How can I start RST GUI and accelerate the hdd using the ssd as cache?
Thank you a lot
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With an up-to-date version of Intel RST, you need to look at the new Intel Memory and Storage Tool. which should have been installed on your system (you can download from Microsoft App Store if not).

With an original version of Intel RST, a shortcut should be available for Intel Rapid Storage Technology. Here's the User's Guide: Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) User's Guide.



Hi Mr. Scott unfortunately i didn't resolve the issue yet. The rst(gui) doesn't show the acceleration button. I attach a couple of screenshots.

Thank you for your patience.

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If you install one of the newer versions of Intel RST, you will not have support for Intel SRT and thus why no acceleration button is present.
If you want to use Intel SRT, you must uninstall your current version of Intel RST and install an older version (14.x or older) that still has support for Intel SRT and the old GUI.