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Problem with RSTe driver or above


Hi community, I upgraded the RSTe driver for my RAID 5 array on an X79 board to version (latest).

When I go to boot into safe mode through advanced boot options or msconfig I get a blue screen while loading the "classpnp.sys" file on the safe mode boot screen.

The blue screen has no error code just the standard "an error has occurred" text then stating "IAStoreA.sys" and again with no status or error code.

Also I am unable to get a memory dump because windows cannot access the array to dump the data onto; but when I downgrade to version the problem disappears. so this is more of a bug report then a support request, I was also wondering if anyone else has the same problem with X79 based systems.

My Specs:

12GB of 1600MHZ memory

Intel i7 3820

Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3

Corsair 850W power supply

2x Samsung F1 7200RPM 1TB drives

1x WD Caviar green 5400RPM 1TB drive

All drives are members of the RAID 5 array

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Since the X79 chipset is installed on a third party motherboard in this case, our recommendation is contacting our chipset support via chat at the following website:

http://www.intel.com/support/feedback.htm?group=chipset# chipset Contact Intel Customer Support

You can also contact the vendor for further assistance on reporting this bug.

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