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RAID0 Config gone after changing from RAID to AHCI



I changed the SATA setting from RAID to AHCI and back (rebooting in between) and now although the array looks like it has not lost any data (FREE space shown in diskmgmt.msc) but i cannot access it anymore. Intel RST shows it as healthy.


If i delete the array in BIOS and recreate it (raid0), would that work (it says all data will be lost, so this is why i`m asking)

The second Raid0 was not affected (ZR0)


The array in question is the first one (SSDR0 - 500GB)raid2.png


Thank you

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Hello TDimb, Thank you for posting on this Community. Changing the SATA mode from RAID mode to the AHCI mode can cause the Intel® RST configuration metadata to be corrupted. The system may also become unbootable when SATA mode is switched backed to the available Intel® RST mode. Based on the description of the issue, you may need to create a RAID 0 volume. However, you cannot recover the data. Wanner G. Intel Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel Corporation
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Wanner, although i do appreciate the answer, you should first scope the issue a bit further before you give out such definitive answer.

The switch in the BIOS did something totally different with one of my Raid0 arrays. It deleted the permission table from the NTFS partition. I noticed when i installed Total Commander and clicking on the drive letter which was still visible but inaccessible it gave me the option to use administrator, once i done that i could view the contents of the R0 but not read them. Copying them from that RAID to a healthy HDD also worked and the files came back to life.


I then looked at the security tab and re-added system/admins and so forth and voila the Raid0 is back to life no data lost.

Happens to the best of us :)


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