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RAID5, RST keeps rebuilding after accidental boot w. drive disconnected


I've been running a RAID5 build out of 6x Samsung HD154UI 1,5TB drives on an ASUS P7P55D motherboard.

AFter reseating two of the drives in a new bracket I accidentally started the system with one drive disconnected.

Of course the raid was marked degraded.

But when reconnecting the original drive the raid was marked 'Rebuild' in the BIOS.

After booting in Windows 7 the raid started rebuilding but never came further then about 60% and then the rebuilding started all over again...

I've left it running overnight and I believe it's now in it's 4th attempt of rebuilding!

My assumption would be that the RST recognises that the drives are back online and all is fine... but apparantly it is not that simple!

Does anyone have any clue or suggestion how to solve this?

I've had continuous rebuilds before when I ran this raid using Intel Matrix drivers 8.9.0, but it seemd RST had this fixed until now...

The solution then was to back up all data and upgrade to RST as advised by an Intel support rep.

I'm hoping to save that step now.

Thaks in advance, Bastiaan

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