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RST 9.6 driver + Win7 x64 + OCZ Vertex 2 SSD = BSOD when resuming


I have serious issues with resuming from sleep (or hibernate), using Rapid Storage Technology drivers on my Windows 7 x64 laptop (Sony VAIO Z750) with my brand new Vertex 2 100GB SSD (latest 1.10 firmware).

9/10 times, I will either get a BSOD, or, the computer won't even resume - it just shuts down instead of resuming, and I get the Windows error recovery message upon restart. Very, very seldomly, it will resume fine. Also - sometimes it gets back into Windows, past the login screen and to my desktop, but when I try to open a program or do something, I am greeted with a waiting cursor. A few seconds later, the screen flashes (goes blank), and then displays just my wallpaper (icons, takskbar all gone), and then a few seconds later, BSOD.

Using the default Microsoft AHCI driver, I do not have these issues. But then again the Microsoft driver performance is very poor compared to the Intel driver ("winsat disk" at the command prompt reveals EXTREMELY poor responsiveness scores compared to the Intel driver). Apart from the resume issues, the drive works great and benches fine. I have secure-erased twice (had to hot re-plug to get past BIOS drive freeze) and done two clean installs of Windows 7 (and applied all updates), but no help.

Hardware: ICH9-M (running in AHCI mode), on a GM45 Express. Also potentially relevant: my laptop has hybrid graphics (Intel 4500MHD and GeForce 9300M GS), and the BSOD issue occurs on both. Full specs: http://www.docs.sony.com/release/specs/VGNZ750DB_mksp.pdf

I was previously using an Intel X25-M 80GB G1 with these Intel drivers and did not experience any issues.

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The issues seems to be limited to the Vertex 2. I just spent the afternoon clean installing (after a secure erase) Windows 7 on each of my SSDs and testing (to rule out my laptop being the culprit):



1. OCZ SATA II 64GB (original, SLC version of the drive). No issues with sleep or hibernate.


2. Intel X25-M 80GB (G1). No issues with sleep or hibernate.


3. OCZ Vertex 2 100GB (firmware: 1.10). Hibernate is okay, resuming from sleep causes a BSOD (sometimes immediately, sometimes after a few seconds) or just shuts down instead of resuming (not a regular shut down - one that causes Windows Error Recovery to pop up upon restart).

I have requested that OCZ look into this. Is there any way that I can request that Intel do the same?

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