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Hi all. I noticed on restarting my computer that my raid was degraded. After the restart I tried to navigate to the RST UI and there isn't one. Also there is not even an RST service. After investigating it seems this happened with a Windows upgrade earlier this year, I had run into problems with RST in the past. I just had to install an older version of RST that supported my Raid Controller. In the past I found that out because when I upgraded to a new version of RST, windows wouldn't boot and I got a BSOD iirc.

I tried installing the old RST version, but it complains of not having the appropriate .NET support. When I try to install the identified .NET support, it indicates it has the support in a newer version. Anyone have any suggestions on how to repair the degraded array? My preference would be getting RST back.

I have attached an SSU log. Please let me know if additional info is needed or direct me to different location to search. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

Should have included this in the OP.

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I understand that your RAID was degraded after a Windows* upgrade. I would like to provide more information about this issue.



According to the report attached, you are using Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, which is not supported by your system. Also, it seems that your RAID was degraded due to hardware and software compatibility issues.



In this case, our recommendation is that you can install the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology version recommended for your I/O controller hub (ICH). Keep in mind that this also requires the installation of one of the following operating systems.



Windows 8*


Windows 7*


Windows Server 2008 R2*


Windows Server 2008*



Please refer to the following information below:






I hope you find this information helpful.



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Hello LittleNut,



I hope you found the information provided helpful.



Were you able to get Intel® RST back in your system? We will be glad to assist you if you still need assistance.



Wanner G.