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RST VMD driver - unable to read NVMe SMART data




I'm using a MB with Z690 (with latest bios version).

I've installed 2 x Samsung 980 Pro NVMe SSD.

The SSDs are in a RAID 1 setup (from bios).

I've installed Windows 11 - it went well.


The storage controller is Intel RST VMD Management Controller 09AB.

I've tried driver versions:, and (currently installed).


I can view the RAID Array and the NVMe SSDs (raid members) in the Intel Optane Memory and Storage Management.

The problem is I can't view the SSD's SMART data.


I've tried to view the SMART data with other software i've used before (exp: GSmartControl, Smartmontools, ...) but none of them were able to view the NVMe SSDs SMART data.


Does the RST VMD driver support NVMe Pass-Through in a raid configuration? If not, will this feature be added at some point?


Is there anything I can do in order to view the SMART data of the SSD's (raid members) ?


Thank You!


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