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RST without RAID?


Hi all,

I've a Dell XPS8100 PC (i7, win7 x64), which came with RST installed and enabled by default. Could somebody explain to me what's that "Rapid Storage Technology" stuff? According to what I've read online, it's something designed to speed up RAID 1 disk operations. Is that right? Does it improve something else?

I'm asking because my PC has only one hard disk drive, no RAID at all... so maybe RST is useless for me. Is it?


PS: BTW, I first noticed about this RST thing because sometimes when I startup the computer, the tray icon says "The RST service is not running". Everything works fine, it's just the warning. If I reboot, RST starts running as if nothing happened.

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Yes you can uninstall it.

What Dell do is clone a working system with RAID and use that for the same model with or without RAID setup.

So what you should be able to do is go in to the BIOS and change SATA mode to RAID even if you only have one HDD and you don't need to buy any more HDD now your system will boot as normal if the driver of RST has been installed and set in the registry for your system to be RAID ready.

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