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Recently an IRST 10.5 RAID on an ASUS board I have went bad. I believe it had something to do with a succession of failed/partial Win 7 x64 boots that interrupted I/O during some critical stage.

The RAID 5 is on 3 drives, all of which are reporting "Member Offline" in the Win IRST application as well as in the IRST BIOS, which is also reporting no RAID configured or present. After scouring Intel's forums as well as some other sources, I opted out of the "clear and reset" option for the obvious reason I'd like to rebuild this RAID. I checked the mobo BIOS and the drives are set to RAID mode; I did not change their status.

Taking a suggestion from this forum, I ran BootMed on the system. TestDisk could see valid data structures and on two of the drives but not on the third; after analyzing the drives, it informed me it could not retrieve any data memb. PhotoRec saw the same data structures and partitions on the same two drives and again nothing on the third; I can run a data retrieval process on it but it is retrieving a lot of file parts as opposed to the files themselves.

It would appear that the third drive could be a problem as BootMed can't see anything viable on it. I shut down the system, removed the drive and rebooted; the BIOS and Win IRST tool still reported the same thing as before, that the remaining two drives were offline members and the only options I could see were to clear and reset the drive in the Win IRST tool as well as set drives to non-raid in the BIOS, which I'm also hesitant to do.

My first thought was to clear and reset the third drive through the Win IRST tool, as it doesn't look like there's any data on it to begin with. I also plan on securing a drive to swap out, although the third drive is not reporting as failed or bad and the IRST BIOS isn't reporting a RAID array.

I'm open to suggestions and would appreciate any help or insight anyone could offer.

Best Regards.

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Hello and,

To obtain further assistance with the IRST on a third party motherboard we recommend contacting our chipset support group:

http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/contactsupport Contact Support

You can also contact Asus* for troubleshooting and support.

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