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Rapid Storage Technology or .NET hangs PC after Verify


After severe problems with RAID5 on DX58SO board and i7-920 I decided to re-install Vista 32 up to SP2.

Added .NET 3.5.

Disks were initialized and after 16 hours or so status went to normal.

Minute(s) later after I closed RST console, system hangs.

Upgraded to .NET 4 + Updates : same result.

Installed latest .INF driver updates for ICH10 etc etc , perfect.

Same problem, disks are currently being verfied.

If I dare look at it with the RST console and stop the verifying process + closing the console ==> system hangs.

Funny thing:

I open DCC (Desktop Control Center) and RST console ==> perfect.

If I close RST now ==> perfect!!

If I close DCC afterwards ==> Hanging again!!

Way around, same thing when closing last one.

This makes me think something is very wrong with the .NET application closedown?

Both utilities use the .NET framework.

Using RST and DCC

HELP someone?

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