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SSD failed... I think...


My PC has 1 ssd (where Windows 10 is installed), 5 pcs of 3 TB hdd (4 of which are in RAID 10 via RST).

So this morning, my pc refused to boot to Windows.

I tried system recovery but it does not work.

I am guessing that my ssd failed, and now contemplating if I should try reformatting it.

My question is this: Can I just reformat my ssd without messing up my RAID 10 array?

When I reformat the ssd, would all my files in the RAID 10 array still be usable?

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Hello ghostalker08,

Thank you for joining Rapid Storage Technology. I am sorry to hear you are having issues with this matter.

Yes, you can reformat the SSD and not lose the RAID array. Make sure to physically disconnect all your RAID disks before doing the reformat, then connect the SSD you need to reformat. If you disconnect the RAID disks your information should remain, of course the information of the SSD will be lost but the information from the RAID 10 array should not be affected. My recommendation before doing the reformat is to repair the SSD first using the Windows installation disk, and if it does not work proceed with the reformat following the instructions above.


Amy C.

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