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Ubuntu 16.04 Server and RAID 1+0 constant rebuild on reboot



I just got ASUS Mother board featuring Intel RST RAID version Model of my motherboard is Asus PRIME Z270-AR with latest firmware 0906 dated 03/22/2017

I also got brand new WD Red NAS 2TB HHD (four of them). I ma trying to build RAID 1+0. After going to BIOS and enabling Intel Rapid Storage Technology i was able to add four drives to RAID 1+0. In BIOS not shows "Volume 1, RAID10(RAID0+1), 3.6TB, Normal)

Next started installing Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS server on it. During installation set up detected RAID and I was asked if I want to install MDADM Intel as well another question to install Serial RAID. After successful installation I rebooted system and noticed by checking /proc/mdstat that it is in rebuild status. Not sure why this is happening but after 1-2 hours or so I rebooted system just to find out that it is going into rebuild again. Each time I reboot /proc/mdstat shows rebuild. mdstat shows [UUUU] indicating there is not problem with drives. Also in BIOS I enabled SMART and looking in BIOS at each drive I see

Read Error State is 200, 200, 051 00000000000

Reallocated Sectorss Count 200, 200, 140 00000000000

Power Cycle Count 116, 116, 000 0000000001F

on all drives

Can some one help me figure out why RAID 0+1 is going into reboot each time. This is clean install and at this point nothing was modified or installed.

I did repeat this couple of time and same deal.

One note that during install I was asked two times to install "Intel RAID MDADM" and then right after it "Serial RAID" I did selected Yes to both as they were default.

I also did try another reinstall but just selecting "Intel RAID MDADM" and skipping the other and instalation completed just fine but on reboot this time after login in I started getting some errors printed to my screen about RAID. I am assuming that both needs to be installed and that is why I was getting such errors?

So main question what am I missing or doing wrong that units keep going into rebuild.

Installation was plain vanilla defaults (except this one time where I did not selected serial second options). This is not Dual boot system and using LVM for entire disk

Thank you

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Hi, oxoocoffee, Thank you very much for joining the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology communities.



Just to let you know, I was checking the operating systems that are fully support by your board and Ububto is not showing:


https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/PRIME-Z270-AR/HelpDesk_Download/ https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/PRIME-Z270-AR/HelpDesk_Download/


And also the tests performed by Intel were done using Windows as well, so, in order to better assist you, could you please install Windows and let us know if the problem persists?



If by any chance the operating system that you need to use is Ubunto, then in that case the best thing to do will be to access their forums for further peer support, they should be able to further assist you in there:


http://ubuntuforums.org/ http://ubuntuforums.org/



Any further questions, please let me know.







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Yes Windows is not option for me. But thank you for trying to help.

Just so you know I did try yesterday two other motherboards from other vendors with same chipset 270 both having Intel Rapid Storage and installing ubuntu is no go. Well installation itself it finishing with out any problem. Problem is that one could not boot since during installation I was not asked to install grub. In the other case one each reboot RAID is rebuilding. So this problem in not isolated to specific board or vendor.

For not I decided to install real RAID card and turn off Intel RAID and installation was all done on first try

If any one else encounter this here please let us know. And if you figured out work around please share here

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