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missing disk after created a volume


I don't know what volume is and i accidently create it after a bit annoyed with IRST pop-up and now supposed to have 2 disk drives which was Acer(C:) and Acer(D:) but ended up with only Acer(C:) drive. Most of my important stuff was in Acer(D:) and now i actually freaking out that i lost that disk. How can I recover the disk.....Hope you can help me with this problem..... . But after done some research, i have almost the same problem such as in this(https://forums.intel.com/s/question/0D50P0000490TMZSA2/hdd-d-disappeared-after-using-intel-rst?language=en_US) forum but the difference is my volume is recovery type( i think)

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I hate to say it, but when you let it create the array, a good chunk of your D: drive was overwritten with the contents of your C: drive. Any files that were in the area that this mirror was written to are simply gone. After removing the array, you may be able to recover some files from the drive.


No backup?


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