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the interface for rapid storage (raid 10) will not operate in windows 10 pro


I downloaded the "SetupRST.zip" file and after rebooting numerous times i keep receiving the message "reboot pending for this application". Intel's site lists only one application for the technology. The MB is an MSI Z97A and has an Intel z97 Express Chipset. I also get an error dump which says to re-install the application which has no effect.

I just got a black screen so will load the error message and attach the dump log to my next email.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am using a dual AMD Radeon R9 270 Crossfire GPUs.



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Need some more information. Is RAID selected in BIOS Setup? Can you get into RAID Setup (via -I during POST) and setup (or at least see) your RAID array?

I would uninstall the RAID package completely and then try installing again (re-install will accomplish nothing if it's stuck in the middle of the installation reboot process)...



I can see the RAID Setup via -I during POST. It shows the array of 4 1 tb drives with the warning

"verify". That is why I am trying to access the manager to make sure it is working. The device driver shows in

"Device Manager" (windows 10) and reports "functioning normally". The driver version and the software version are

both identical. The icon in the system tray shows an orange wheel and when I try to open it I get the error

message "a reboot is pending for this application". This occurs despite dozens of reboots. Intel support said

contact the mb manufacturer (it is an MSI Z97A mb with Intel i7 cpu). MSI wasn't much help only saying it

supports Intel Raid technology.

I have years of animation work on the computer and because I have had hard drive failures before that were handled

without heartache by replacing the drive when the Intel Matrix Manager advised I do not have a separate backup.

I tried to find out what the service name is but couldn't but it does not seem to

show in windows Task Manager Services view. Windows Device Manager reports the driver is "functioning normally". The

problem is verify has been there since I replaced a failed drive.

Can you advise of any way to save my setup?

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I have never seen this before, but believe that the Verify status simply means that the volume is currently being scanned for data inconsistencies. It may be nothing or it may mean that the mirror is inconsistent with the primary (or it may be that I am totally out to lunch)...

In all this, you have not indicated whether or not the data is accessible. If it is accessible, my recommendation would be to back it up to offline storage immediately. You are using 4 x 1TB in RAID 10, which means that you are both striping and mirroring, so you have a maximum of 2 TB of data. A 2 TB USB 3.0 backup drive is ~$80. I myself use a Western Digital My Passport 2TB drive for my offline backup. Once you have the backup done, you can schedule and run a Verify and Repair operation and, if necessary, reinitialize the array from scratch (and then reload it from the offline backup).

I am not sure what has happened with the Windows tool. My suggestion would be to completely uninstall the package, reboot and then reinstall the package again from scratch. The subsequent reboot should get you to the state where you can get the RST application to run and then use it to look more closely at the state of the array. You can do this before worrying about the backup - but I wouldn't...

Hope this helps,