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A S2600CP base server does not boot up



recently, I assembled a server based on S2600CP2 motherboard and Xeon E5 CPU. The system was working fine till today's morning (I was able

to install OracleVM on it and conduct some basic tests). Today, when I connected power cords to the chasiss, the fans started spinning, spun for about 2 seconds, then spun down. As long as the chasis was connected to power outlet, the cycle repeated with about 1 sec breaks.

I was able to login to BMC web ui without any problem (through AXXRMM4 external NIC). The log page was filling with

reports the power unit is powered off or being powered down - Asserted

reports the power unit is powered off or being powered down - Deasserted

entries and the system didn't react to power down requests.

Thinking I the PSU had failed, I replaced it with a 100% working one (taken from a working workstation) - it didn't change anything. I reconnected

all the power cables, clear BIOS with a jumper -- no changes.

Did I miss something or should just RMA the board?

Thanks in advance for any response,


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Did you check the System Event Log?

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