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BIOS-Update for S3000AHLX

i have server with cpu intel xeon 3210 and mainboard is called s3000ahlx

I think the name S3000AH also refers to S3000AHLX by intel. This is the BIOS-Update program:

I am getting the error flashupdt.cfg not found. I really don't know where to find and get it. I tried everything like installing flashupdt und setting up syscfg.

in english:

this is by far the most complex bios-update i have ever seen. had to read 2 manuals, usually it's just a click. or a file to load in the bios, or something for FreeDOS.

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awesome i found the bios update for intel s3000ah or s3000ahlx, it has somehow something to with sr1530ah bios ... i don't really understand it however i found this page

and learn that the file name is
googled it and et voila

shame on you intel. stop producing wasteful garbage and support it forever, it's just 4 megabytes!!!

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Be very careful with those 3rd party driver sites.   you never know what payload the packages you download are carrying.



Yes, of course! But I don't mind really. It's an old mainboard with old CPU Xeon 3120 2x2 GB DDR2 RAM, not even DDR3. Whatever I watch on xvideos the hacker has to watch too.


It's just, I got sad when I learned that CPU's and mainboards can't be recycled. From then on I said, whoever gives even totally exotic PC's or servers to me, I update the hell out of every part, even the firmware of the CD-DVD-drive and put everything inside a computer needs (total capacity of RAM, a nice graphic card, an SSD with minimum 120 GB for operating system, 20 € now (sep 2020, no dram needed, only cheap stuff), I install Windows 10 on it and maybe Linux Mint, I check for updates once a month) I also low-level-format any data on hard disks and make them swap for Windows and Linux. sometimes I need a S-ATA to IDE Adapter for 8 €. It's a great gadget. You can connect any SSD or any drive with S-ATA to the IDE-port on the mainboard. It's way cheaper than using an SSD with IDE-port on it.


It's like a hobby and I feel good about it.


btw it has these slots:


Intel Adaptive Slot 6 (can be used as PCIe x8 easily but difficult in PCIe x16)
PCIe x4 (i can put a pcie x1 graphic card but the are expensive and the pcie x16 graphic cards are cheaper and have more power)


how can i use the first slot intel adaptive slot 6 as pcie x16. wth so many slots why? totally propietary pcie x16 is the best!


where can i find graphic card for pci-x?