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Convert RAID 0 drive to RAID 1


RI have a customer that has a 5500BC board. currently there are two logical drives. A C drive that is setup as RAID 0 with only one drive in it and a E Drive that is setup as RAID 1 with two drives. I added another drive to the server and want to change the C drive to RAID 1. I can not see any way to do this in the GUI in windows. Is this possible? Or do I need to delete the drive and recreate it?


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When you create a RAID array, it needs to be initialized. Initialization will delete all data on a drive(s).

You can back up your OS and deploy it to the new RAID array. However, if you've kept your OS seperate from the data partition, you almost don't need to. Before you commit to backing up and deploying, verify that your backup solution wont get snagged on the RAID level. It would be a real pita if you expected to deploy your OS to RAID 1 and your backup software didn't play nice.