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Core 2 Duo FSB


Hello all,

is there any official Intel document on the bandwidth of the front side

bus of Intel Core 2 Duo processors? For example, the E4500 has a 800MHz

front side bus and it seems obvious to everyone that since it is 64bits

wide the maximum theoretical bandwidth is 800 x 8=6.4 GB/s. If this is

true, is there any official Intel document that explicitly or

implicitly states this fact? i know that Intel's site is full of

documents talking about "64bit architecture" and "64bit processors" but

these do not necessarily define the width of the bus.

Thanks in advance,

Kyriakos Zervoudakis

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Hi Kyriakos,

As replied earlier in 4825 thread 4825, you will find the architecture details including the size of bandwidth in these programmer's manuals.

"Although you can find some design briefs from Wikipedia however since you are looking for details, I am not sure if you came across Intel 64 and 32 bit architecture software developers manuals.

These manuals here discuss core 2 architecture in details and you will find what you are looking for, the good news is that these manuals are downloadable in PDF and you can even order a printed hard copy of them. I am not sure if they ask for any charges now however there was never any cost for these and even now, I don't see any costing mentioned. Just send an email or order by phone and get printed hard copies at your doorstep or download PDF for a quick reference."


Warm Regards,

Javed Lodhi

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