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Defect with Intel Workstation Board WX58BP. Need an exhange under warranty. Who should I speak to?


I am an Intel customer. I own an Intel Workstation Motherboard (WX58BP). My first board gave 2 problems for which I had to replace it under warranty. They gave me a 2nd board but its giving the same problems now. The problems are as follows

1) The board doesn't turn on sometimes.

2) When connecting RAM modules in some slots there is no display on the screen.

4 days ago when I tried to switch on my PC it did not turn on. So I cleaned my RAM modules and checked the power connection and the CMOS battery but every thing was fine. So I disassembled my entire PC so that I could take my motherboard to my nearest Intel service center for a replacement. But today I just reassembled my PC to give it a try one more time.This time it turned on but no display. I trying removing the RAM modules one by one and found out that there is no display when I connect RAM modules in the last 2 RAM slots (Blue and Black slots). I'm afraid my PC might not turn on if I switch if off again.

I want to give my motherboard to be replaced under warranty but this model (WX58BP) is clearly DEFECTIVE. I therefore request Intel to replace my board with another model which has an X58 chip set.

My 1st Intel motherboard details are as follows:

Model number: WX58BP

Part ID: AA E64643-108

Serial number: USBP00400049

The details of the board I got under replacement are as follows:

Model number: WX58BPR


Part ID: AA E64643-202

Serial number: BTBP1190009M

I have complained to Intel before regarding the issues of this board. (Ticket: 8000782052). These are the same issues that I have mentioned with my previous board. Please check and let me know as soon as possible.


I do not want a board with the SAME Model Number under warranty because it is clearly defective.

Who should I contact?

I can't get support if I put my model number on the Intel site. What should I do?

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It is possible that you got two bad boards in a row, but it is also possible the memory is slowly dying. I have seen inconsistent results like that before.

Since the board is two years out of support, you won't be able to swap it for another model. Sometimes you can do that in the first 30 days after purchase, but definitely not this long after.

If you have had the board less than three years, you can still apply for warranty replacement at Warranty Center . It shows:


Serial Number : BTBP1190009M

Stocking Id/Part Number : E64643-202

Estimated Warranty Expiration*: Feb 22,2015


so i think you might be okay.



I have checked my Power Supply and RAM and they are functioning properly on other boards. But I'm sure this is the board problem. I'm guessing this is the reason why Intel has discontinued this product. I use this board 24 hours a day and so I might (just might) probably be the longest user of this board and so I can see how it actually malfunctions after a period of time(1 and a half year approximately). I will give my board under warranty but this board is clearly faulty and Intel should do something about existing users of this board.

Thank You Dan_O

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