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Don't let your RAID go to sleep


I have had several major failures in my Embedded Server RAID Technology II system. In every case it takes almost 2 weeks for the array to finish rebuilding. I could not understand the reason because on previous occasions the disk diagnosics did not find any problems. Thinking back what was the same in most if not all of the situations, I was putting my Windows 7 system to sleep/hibernate.

I have never had any problems just restarting my system, but anecdotally it really seems that the RAID system does not handle the sleep/hibernate case.

Can anyone provide any insight on whether this is the case or not?

Given that my S2250SC is a workstation board based on a server board design, I can imagine that the ESRT2 was never designed for sleep/hibernate - after all - why would anyone want to do that to a server. On the other hand for a workstation, it is a really great way to lower your electric bill.

Cheers, Eric

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