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Error While Installing Win2K in S5000VSA


I am trying to install Windows 2000 server With SP4 in S5000VSA board.

While loading all device drivers, before specifying SAS driver, it is giving an error as follows.

Unexpected error (0) occured at line 957 at D;ntosinstalloembios.bin

Details as follws:

Config : 2*Xeon @ 3.0 GHz / 4*2 GB DDR2/4* 146GB SAS h/s HDD


OS : WIndows 2000 advance server SP4


MBD BIOS : s5000.86b.11.00.0096 dt 01/13/2009.

Please help to resolve this issue.

Thanks in Advancs

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Re: Error While Installing Win2K in S5000VSA

Windows 2000 is not validated on S5000VSA, so some driver may be missing or not working. Which driver are you installing? Did you use a tested USB floppy drive to load the driver? Check

I highly recommend you to switch to Windows Server 2003.

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Community Manager

Re: Error While Installing Win2K in S5000VSA


Bear in mind that you are installing an OS which has not been validated on this board. So there wont be any drivers for W2k.

Here is the list on which OS have been validated:

Try to disable Core Multi Processing in the Bios.

Go to Advanced >> Processor Configuration >> Disable Core Multi Processing

One more thing:

Can you try to install the OS as a non-raid configuration.

Configure SAS/SATA as RAID >> Disable.

All the best,

Kind Regards,


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