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Fan Running High


I have a S5520HC with 12 GB RAM, Intel X5550, Intel heat sink, Intel raid upgrade chip. Everything on the server is Intel except the case.

I am utterly amazed at the difficulty of the processor fan and how picking a third-party case has caused so much problem. It appears I am not alone in this category and any ideas are appreciated.

I used the Intel Server Deployment Toolkit 3.5.5. With the CD the latest firmware, bios, etc was installed. Then I made the mistake of performing an updated SDR which follows after the BIOS opcode is upgraded. During the SDR updating I chose the "other" case type. Answered the questions that followed and after the reboot the processor fan went and is boing fast. There is only one fan added that plugs into the fan system fan plug. The remaining fans are PSU controlled.

The case is an Antec Titan 650 and is by far no small case. I installed three additional fans in addition to the fan the unit came with. The case has one 120mm, one 92mm and two 80mm. Each fan, excluding 120mm, intakes air. The 120mm is in the back of the case and exhausts.

I have tried BIOS recoveryand CMOS with no luck.

Thanks in advance if there are any possible ideas you may have!

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By default, when you select "Other" chassis all system fans run at full speed, because the BMC is not aware of the specs of your chassis. If you want to lower the fan speed you may need to modify the SDR file and re-apply the modified SDR. However you need to do your own thermal test to make sure that the temperature is within specs.

For more information about modifying the SDR file, check the following post:

/message/93150# 93150 93150

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