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IAStorUI.exe-Application Error

Community Manager

When I first start my computer the Intel icon comes up with a yellow exclamition make for a few secondes, then a green check make. When I click on it and open application I get the error message above. On the pop-up it says Applacition has generated an exception that could not be handled.

Process ID=0x2c0 (704), Thread ID=394 (916). Click OK to terminate the application. Click cancle to debug the application. No matter what I click on nothing happens. As I am new to this kind of thing on computers I don't know if this is a problem and can be fixed or not. Thanks for your help in advance.

Gord Vogel

I already have .net 3.5 SP 1 installed. I did not get the reply that a person left as there is no link to the reply.

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I believe it's the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology user interface. You can try to uninstall it and reinstall the latest version.

Community Manager

That didn't work. But now I,m trying to figure out if I even need this and how it got on my computer.

Your help is much appreciated. Gord

I did what you said again but made sure IAStorui.exe was uninstalled completely. But still had to install it twice but got it working. Thanks for the help.