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ICH10R - RAID 5 - Reboot during migration forced a recover?

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Configured a raid5 of 3x1 TB drives and using it on a Window Server 2008 configured as file server. I copied a total of 1 TB of data on the RAID. Then added a 4th TB driver and modified the RAID at the Storage manager. The storage manager then started a migration (I estimated the migration would take 10 hrs). (tray icon alert).

The server needed to move to a new location so i shut it down (relying on the advanced algorithms allowing for a interruption of the migration) and on power up the volume was invalid and the first 3 drives marked as failed? The context menu allowed me to mark them as normal which i did and then "Recover" became available in the volume context menu. Picked recover and it is now recovering for another 34 hrs. .. sigh ...

I have a couple of questions:

1. Can I expect all my data back in 34 hrs?

2. Why didnt the storage manager just continued the migration?

3. What can I approve in the procedure to prevent this from happening again?

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Yes, you should have all your data back. Whatever happened during the power-off and move, something hiccupped preventing the storage manager from starting from the last point it stopped.

To prevent this from happening again, mostly you want to avoid having to deliberately interrupt any RAID build, rebuild, migration, etc.

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After the recover NTFS disckcheck repaired a lot of 'floating files'. I did get a terrybyte in data back, all the files where there but their contents was completly mixed, each file seemed to have a random content assigned.

My theory is that after the migration interruption (i was adding a 4th disk), the recover proces acted like all the data was striped on 4 disks.