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Intel Modular Server Virtual Drive


I have created a storage pool with 2 virtual drives, 1st drive is the OS in Raid 1E, 2nd drive houses VMwares in Raid 0. The storage pool consists of 3x 146GB SAS drives + 1 Hot Spare. Now, one of the SAS drives was accidentally removed, and the hot spare kicked in and started to rebuild. The rebuild was successful, but the 2nd virtual drive is marked as offline. How to get it back online?

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Chance to recover data on RAID 0 is very low... you can try the following:

1. Remove your hotspare drive from the system

2. Insert your accidently removed drive

3. Select the storage pool, and then select "Rebuild"

4. Wait until the rebuild complete

5. Delete the offline virtual drive and recreate it with exact same settings (name, RAID level, size). Do NOT select "Initialize Boot Sector"

6. Assign the new virtual drive to a server and see if the data is still there

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