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Intel P4304BTLSHCN Rear Fan running full speed.

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I have just built 2 x identical servers based upon the P4304BTLSHCN (R version) and one of them is running the rear system fan (Header 4) at full speed.

Both servers

  • Xeon E3 1220V2
  • 2 x 4GB Dataram DTM64314D
  • 2 x WD RE4 1GB drives

Firmware is as follows and has been run multiple times....

  • BIOS 40
  • ME 02_02_00_049
  • BMC 1.15
  • FRUSDR 1.16 Run multiple times from EFI choosing option 1 only

Problem is that one of the servers is running like a train. Fan4 the rear system fan is running at full throttle and there is an error in the SEL saying that the fan speed has dropped below the threshold of 280rpm and that this is a non fatal error. And it flashes the Fault LED orange. Removing the power clears the flashing fault LED put it soon lights again after powering on. The server appears to be compensating for the momentary speed drop by subsequently running the fan at full throttle.

Only setting changed in both BIOSs is the altitude to 300m or less. Neither server has an OS yet.

This is the second server I have seen with this issue and the first server was RMA'ed to get around the issue.

But has anyone else come across this problem and is there a fix?

As I said i have built 2 servers at the same time and one is perfect.



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Since you have two systems and one is working well, do you mind swapping fan and/or board to isolate the issue?

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I tried this and both systems are now running fans at full speed..

I have actually come to the conclusion that it is a "low" temperature issue. Systems are burning in in a warehouse that is between 5-10 degrees C. I believe the system is running the fans slowly as a result of the cold temp and runs them so slow the fan speed drops below the minimum fan sensor threshold.

This makes the system think it has a fan failure and it's reaction is to run the fans at full speed to compensate, including the one it saw running slow.

Maybe this isn't an issue or maybe the FRUSDR needs an update to take Northern European Winters into account by lowering fan thresholds.

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