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Intel Pro/1000 PT Dual Port Teaming Trouble



I have an IBM 3850 M2 Server that is being used as a host machine. It's running Server 2008 Enterprise R2 CORE. The server has two onboard broadcom nics and two Intel PRO/1000 PT Dual Port Server adapters. The two Intel adapters are going to seperate switches for redundant connections. I want to team the two ports (1 on each NIC) together in case one nic goes down I'm still connected to the network. I've downloaded the latest utility from Intel which is the PROWinx64.exe Download Ver:15.2 Date:4/29/2010. I downloaded and installed this to my host machine. From the command lind I navigated to the ANS directory but I don't see an executable file or Scripts directory to actually run the GUI interface. What am I missing? Since the machine is CORE I can not get to the device manager to update the driver. I also went to another Server 2008 machine that is running the full installation and connected to my core machine through computer management but I can't install the driver from there because device manager is Read Only. Can someone please walk me through this process if installing and configuring the drivers to get teaming to work. Thank You!

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For installing Intel(R) PROSet and ANS use DxSetup.exe. You will need to expand the files in the file you downloaded. Information for command line file extraction and for using DxSetup are in the readme on the download page.

After you have all the software installed, you can use the Prosetcl command line utility to create a team. The utility is copied to \Program Files\Intel\DMIX\CL directory when the software is installed. The teaming commands are described in the prosetcl.txt file in the same directory.

You will need to use prosetcl Adapter_Enumerate to find the index number for each port of your adapters before you can use the team_create command.

After you use prosetcl Team_Create to create a team, you should use Team_Enumerate to verify that the team was created successfully.

For example, if you want to creat a Switch Fault Tolerant team named MyTeam on the ports with index numbers of 1 and 6, you would use this command:

prosetcl Team_Create 1,6 MyTeam SFT

I hope this helps.

Mark H

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what switches do you use for the aggregation?

Are you using stackablse ones?

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