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Intel(R) Entry Server System SR1425BK1-E Cannot Configure Server 2008 SP2 To Run With RAID


I have been trying this for over 40 hours all weekend. I've had similar problems in 64-bit before but never in x86 (my only option). I have 3 identical, 250GB SATA drives and I thought this Intel® Entry Server System SR1425BK1-E would be the perfect backup DC but I only have options for RAID 1 or ) but not 5. I

I switched the BIOS to RAID, CONTROL- E, build LD, initialize, reboot

Setup cannot see the RAID (or AHCI) disks on a clean (x86) install despite trying hundreds of drivers.

I was able to install a fresh copy in Enhanced/IDE mode, make registry changes and boot to AHCI mode but I still get the same error when tyring to install utility/drivers for Intel Drive Matrix/ Rapid Storage.

"System does not meet minimum requirements. Setup will now end!!!!!!!" !!!

I tried install a 320GB PATA drive and using EASUS to copy disks but I cam back 2 hours later to find it 2% complete so, after a major tantrum, I gave up on that approach.

I finally went for broke and made the rest of the registry changes and installed the the OS disk in a 2 disk, 100GB, RAID 1 array with a 3rd disk as hot spare. Windows actually tried to start but only cycles. It will still start in AHCI but still same minimum requirements error.

The array is in the process of rebuilding now.


>cannot find driver to see disks in clean install after trying many, many drivers from many sources

>cannot find OS in repair mode after trying many, many drivers from many sources

>cannot install RAID drivers in AHCI mode


I installed an IDE PATA drive with Server 2003 on it and changed the boot order. Tried every different configuration (disassembled array, removed disks)

the results are still the same no matter if its 2008 or 2003. Machine cycles on windows welcome screen again and again in RAID mode.

Machine is up and running in AHCI mode.

I cannot believe with today's technology that anyone would have to deal with this! Why cant my system accept the drivers?

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Well the RAID technology on this board is not Matrix RAID or RST. It's called ESRT (Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology). Here is the Windows Server 2003 driver:

Unfortunately there is no driver for Windows Server 2008 because the SR1425BK1-E had been EOL'd long before the release of Windows Server 2008.

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