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Intel S5520HC EFI Boot Issues


Hey all. I have a S5520HC Server Board and I'm struggling to Boot in EFI-Mode.




RAM 36 Gigs (9 * 4 GB Kingston RAM)

Graphic: nvidia Geforce GT 1030

Storage: Satat SSD SanDisk 120GB

Trying to Install Windows Server 64Bits Versions 2012 R2, 2016, 2019

and Linux Manjaro 18.04


For me it seemed like an issue with the Graphics - But either using "Use Legacy Video ROM or not in the Boot Options, I got no graphics output.

I could overcome this issue by plugging out the graphics card and in again after I cold booted the system. Is there a documented way how to setup my board to boot to EFI without any issues?


Next problem then is that any installation of OS (I tried Linux and Windows) in EFI Mode fails.


Windows gets frozen at 0% Copying files (another member of the community also has had this error, but it seemed to be a RAID Controller problem which I don't use)


On the Linux side, booting from USB (EFI) works, the installation freezes at 90% when logging says Installing boot loader. I already did some research on this and figured out that if you manually install the boot loader with the flag --no-nvram, it works. But I mainly want to install windows and this is not possible in windows as far as I know.


I assume it has something to do with the BIOS - it seems like Linux is not able to "talk" to the BIOS and cannot set NV-RAM values. Same with Windows.


Do you have any idea if I can downgrade/reupgrade the BIOS to get things to work? Is there a way to completely erase the BIOS and all caches and reaply the newest version?

I would also be happy with exact log messages or similarites. The System Event Log doesn't show anything according the subject


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Hello SHebe2, Thank you for joining the community. I see that you are having an issue with S5520HC server board. I would like to comment that this product has reached the End of Interactive Support status with Intel; therefore, support is limited to information posted on the website. In the next URL you will find some useful available information from the Intel website. I hope you find it useful Jose A. Intel Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel Corporation