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Intel modular server - Ram failure. How to identify the broken bank?


Hi everyone,

one of my two server had warning led on.

Web interface say:

ID:6417Type:IPMIDetailed Description:Sensor: Fault Indication; The Server 2 Fault LED has been illuminated. This amber LED is located on the front of the server and is used to warn of conditions that require attention.Cause:Chassis Sensor: Fault IndicationAction:Check the Server 2 events tab for additional events that may show the cause of the fault. Using the graphical user interface, mouse over the server's status icon to reveal conditions that may contribute to the server fault. Take actions to clear these fault conditions and the Fault LED will be turned off.Extra Data:s:68:"Raw IPMI (hex): Gen:2000 Num:5b Type:c0 EDir:6f ED1:03 ED2:ff ED3:ff";

From the linux server running inside the host, the log says that a RAM BANK is broken.

How can I identify the fault one, without rebooting server with a RAM check tools?


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We would like to inform you that the modular server is end of interactive support (EOIS) reason why the only source of support we offer is the website. As an additional recommendation you can login into the CMM and it should list the bank there.

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YEah I already Know that IMS is in EOL and EOS, and I'm furious with Intel for this. I can't explain to my boss that a server bought 3 years ago for about 20k euros is already in end of life.

BTW, going back to your answer, I can see in CMM only this:





IDPart# Serial# DIMM_A1 Yes DDR3 8192MB 64 1333MHz 0x802C 36JSZF1G72PZ-1G4D1 0xE07DA276 DIMM_A2 No DIMM_B1 Yes DDR3 8192MB 64 1333MHz 0x802C 36JSZF1G72PZ-1G4D1 0xDA6CF1C1 DIMM_B2 No DIMM_C1 Yes DDR3 8192MB 64 1333MHz 0x802C 36JSZF1G72PZ-1G4D1 0xE07BF99B DIMM_C2 No DIMM_D1 Yes DDR3 8192MB 64 1333MHz 0x802C 36JSZF1G72PZ-1G4D1 0xE07DA272 DIMM_D2 No DIMM_E1 Yes DDR3 8192MB 64 1333MHz 0x802C 36JSZF1G72PZ-1G4D1 0xE07DA21D DIMM_E2 No DIMM_F1 Yes DDR3 8192MB 64 1333MHz 0x802C 36KSF1G72PZ-1G4M1 0xE76944D1 DIMM_F2 No

So I can't figure out where I can find the information about broken RAM.

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