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Intel ss4200 and Active Directory problem

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First would like to apologize for my English.


I have a problem with intel ss4200-E.

I have the Active Directory domain on Windows 2003 R2 SP2 Rus. Intel ss4200 I connected to the domain. But when I connect to the device through a web interface using the domain administrator account, I can only two tabs "Home" and "Shared Folders". Control Panel intel ss4200 me is not available.

I have read this page And create the group "Domain Admins" (in English), because the Russian version of Windows, a group "Domain Admins" is named for the Russian. Add my domain administrator account, the group "Domain Admins" (in English).

But the problem is not solved. I am not available to the control panel ss4200.

Thank you.

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I didn't read all of the documentation on, but a brief glance didn't show me any reference to seeing a "Control Panel" inside the web interface. Where are you seeing the reference to that?