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MFS5520VI no post.


So one of the modules on the IMS is not posting. According to the CMM:

Status: OK, ON

Under the Events tab:

Watchdog timer expired - The server was hard reset

BIOS FRB2 Watchdog timer expired - The server was hard reset

In the Firmware section of the Settings:

Server 1: (no post server)

BMC Firmware OK 1.27.1

BMC Boot OK 0.28

BIOS unknown

The post code LEDs are the following

A= Amber

G= Green

X= Off

XXAAXGXX (with Emergency Bios jumper set to 2,3)

AXAAGXXG (with Emergency Bios jumper set to 1,2)

If I do remove all memory modules, I do get the expected 3-beeps.

Right now my attempts are at a single CPU and 3 sticks or RAM. The CPU is an Intel Xeon 5620. I will be attempting a CPU swap and see where it goes from there.

Any thoughts?

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Try if your memory is in Tested memory list. Try one DIMM at a time.