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Need motherboard, preferable ATX, that support Memory Mapped I/O beyond 4G

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I'm working on a card that support (can be enabled) BAR2 space of 4, 8, or 16GB. I've been having a horrible time getting it to work in a few AMD systems that were forced upon me. I would like to setup a few Intel based solutions as a quick test. Hopefully, these will be the processing platform then for the project going forward.

I know from searching that the S2600GZ supports large BAR2 spaces, and one user said it works with 8GB just fine with the latest BIOS. Great. However, the form factor for the board is less than ideal; we need a lot of PCIe slots.

The S2600GZ manual is available online, and I can see the BIOS settings for disabling "Maximize Memory below 4GB" and enabling "Memory Mapped I/O above 4GB."

Ideally, I could buy a bunch of the DX79SR, slap in a single XEON and a lot of memory, and it will work. However, I can't get the full BIOS command manual on Intel's website. Does teh DX79SR support the same features as the S2600GZ? The S2600GZ is a C602 chipset and the DX79SR is a X79 chipset.

So, basically, what newer motherboards support the Memory Mapped features for the S2600GZ? Anything in ATX form factor?



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It appears S1400FP2 might be my best choice. Any ideas or feedback? It also has the C602 Chipset.

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Great choice. S1200BT might work as well with same parameter (check its TPS).