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PANIC: cannot access my data after rebuilding process on SS4000-E



I have a problem similar to this thread:

My config:

Intel SS4000-E

Firmware: fs-bc - 1.4-b710

4 x Seagate ST3500320NS 500 GB drives, RAID 5

One of these disks broke down yesterday. I replaced it by an identical disk spare. The rebuilding process started and worked during about 24 hours.

Now it is finished but I cannot access my data. The storage status indicates Shared Folders : NOT READY.

In ssh mode I cannot see the NASDisk-00004 folder where my data were stored.

Something were wrong during the rebuilding process if I understand the system log page:

May 7 17:11:16IStorage synchronization completedMay 7 11:12:49IAdministrator logged in from IP address [ ].May 7 06:05:14WA disk error has occurred. The storage system is now operating in degraded mode.May 7 00:01:20IDate/time adjusted to time server [ ]May 6 14:14:55IStorage synchronizingMay 6 14:13:54IDisk [3 ] has beed added to current storage configuration

Nethertheless the "Advanced : Disks" page displays Disk configuration : RAID 5 (Normal)

I am completely lost and at this stage I need a serious HELP!

Thank you in advance.

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The "Advanced : Disks" page displays Disk configuration : RAID 5 (Normal) because the Storage synchronization completed.

From your system log page it looks like a disk error occured during the synchronization. The failure could be a bad sector on a second disk that contained parity or data for the array. That would mean you had a two drive failure (the original disk and the second disk with the disk error). Unfortunately a two disk failure in a RAID 5 array is unrecoverable.

This is after the fact, but the first thing you should do, if you can, at a RAID failure, is to backup your data. For more information, see our support article on Planning for the worst case: the importance of a backup solution.



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I have a backup of a big part of my data. In fact I lost the data in transit, recorded on the SS4000 for a short time before definitive storage (because of lack of space on my computer). Bad luck, in the meanwhile the disk 3 failed!

I understand I have a second disk with bad sector. Of course with two errors my data cannot be recovered.

I have the faulty disk (number 3). It makes a clic noise at starting and finally fails to start. Maybe a mecanical problem.

Suppose one moment that disk 3 is repaired without loss of data: if I replace this disk 3 at position 3 of the SS4000-E, the system come back to its previous state, that is to say one error somewhere on disk 1, 2 or 4. But in RAID 5 configuration, data are available with only one error. In this case, how will react the SS4000-E viewing the original disk 3 (readable)? Is it a way to retrieve my data (if disk 3 is repaired)?

I want to hope ...

Thank you.

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