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Problems with SAS disk's

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I have platform SR2612URR,motherboard SR5520UR,RAID controller RS25DB080, backplane SR2612UR, midplane TCA-00277-01-C and 6 hard disk's SAS Seagate Chetah 15K.6 ST3450856SS(fw:0006). It's worked.

I added 6 SAS disk Seagate Enterprise Perfomance 10K HDD v8 ST600MM0208 (fw:n001).

In RAID console new disk's Seagate is not initialized.

After connecting, power on HDD is not available.

Can you help me?

New controller supported new disk Seagate Enterprise Perfomance 10K HDD v8 ST600MM0208?

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Hello Artyom,



Regarding your question, "Problems with SAS disk's ". And you added 6 new Seagate Enterprise Performance 10K HDD v8 ST600MM0208 (fw: n001). Using a Raid Controller Model RS25RB080.


Checking our system I am afraid we don't show this model for a RAID Controller. Could you please help me checking the correct model number for the RAID Controller, and also could you please provide us with some pictures of the RAID Card and the backplane and how is connected. This way I will be able to have a more clear picture on the situation.


Just to ensure and I try to locate the model for your RAID Controller, I also checked the compatibility list for the system board SR5520UR on tab-blade-1-1 tab-blade-1-1, and models close to the one you provided are RS25DB080, RS25GB008 and RS25NB008.



If there is anything else we can help please feel free to ask.



Best regards,



Henry A.
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Community Manager
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From what I see:

ST3450856SS is 3Gbps

ST600MM0208 is 12Gbps

RS25DB080 is 6Gbps

The mid-plane is actually a SAS expander controlled by a PMC8388, which is 3Gbps.

The Technical Manual states compatibility with: "12x 3.5-inch hot-swap 3Gbps SATA / SAS hard drives plus Two optional 2.5-inch fixed 3Gbps SATA hard drives (inside chassis):

The compatibility list for that controller (also an LSI / Avago / Broadcom part...) does not list the ST600MM0208 as compatible:

The long and short is, according to all the documentation you'll only be able to use a 3Gbps capable SAS drive.