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RWC2 automatically make drive online

Using Raid Web Console 2 on a S1200BTL in ESRT2-Mode, I was wondering if there is a possibility to set an already configured drive online automatically when plugged back in.

We run a SBS 2011 and switch backup drives every day. Since we have no backplanes but only a mobile rack for theses backup drives, ESRT2 does not support hot plug, because it considers them connected directly to the Mainboard.

So we configured them as virtual drives in RWC2. Now, any time we Switch them we have to log in to RWC2 and set the drive replugged drive online manually. Can that be done automatically?

Thanks, Thilo

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Re: RWC2 automatically make drive online

The onboard solution does not offer an automated process to force the drive to an Online state after being reconnected.

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