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S1200BTL Server Board will not recognize any PCI or PCI Express cards

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I have an Intel S1200BTL Server board with a Xeon processor with 8gb of memory. It is running Windows Server 2003. I need to install a Multitech 56K internal PCI modem and a High Point Rocket Raid PCI Express X4 controller. The system will not recognize either of these cards. I talked to Intel support and they said the motherboard was defective. I replaced the board with another S1200BTL and got the same results. I know both expansion cards work so, I am forced to assume it is something with the board. I just don't know what. Anyone have this problem with this board? Suggestions are welcome.


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First, make sure the cards are on the tested list at /SctTHOL/21320/Intel%C2%AE%20Server%20Board%20S1200BTS%20%28S1200BTS%29 /SctTHOL/21320/Intel%C2%AE%20Server%20Board%20S1200BTS%20%28S1200BTS%29

Also, the different slots enumerate differently. Try one card at a time, and try them in different slots.

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I had a similar problem but I never figured it out. Tried the latest drivers (from August) to no avail. I actually couldn't get it to recognize any PCI / PCIe devices at all. I tried all slots on the MB and I tried it on 2 different MBs - both identical S1200BTL, both with the same identical problems. Everything else worked. I was never able to find an adapter for the PS/AUX 5-pin connector on the MB (a rather obsolete connector, not sure why they used that one) - could that be why?