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S1600JP Just pulled it out of the box, and tried to upgrade the BIOS and now it doesn't post?


I pulled this server out of the box and installed 8gb of ram and a E52603 V2 Chip in it.

It came up and posted.

It warned me that I needed to install the latest bios to make this Processor work correctly. < this is lame that the server isn't ready for a processor out of the box.

So I thought this shouldn't be to hard, Intel® Server Board S1600JP Family and Intel Server System R1000JP IDA

Firmware Update Package for Intel® Deployment Assistant, Intel® One Boot Flash Update Utility, The embedded EFI Shell, Windows* Preboot

I loaded this on a USB drive thinking it would be the right one to update. The Words "One Boot Flash Update Utility." Really grabbed my eyes as being the right one. So if its wrong I am sorry.

So I booted up and the usb drive was found, and it said it would upgrade unless I hit esc. So I let it run.

When I thought it was done, it said it had completed and gave me 5 options and the 5th one was to exit. I choose 5, and it did a few things and told me I should restart the system using the from panel. I assumed that it meant the power button. So I pressed it.

That was the end.

Now when I press the power button it just acts like it's turning on but it doesn't post anything on the screen.

Yes I checked the cable it's on it snug.

Any thoughts????

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I just sent you a private message, please let me know if you don't receive it or have any questions.




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