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S2600CW switches off abruptly


My S2600CW2R system has been running without fault for over 2 years. Suddenly, it started switching off abruptly, after perhaps 15 minutes of powering on. This has happened even when the OS has not booted, while I am idling in the firmware setup screen, for example, so I doubt it is an OS or software issue.

I occasionally get a boot time error message 8198: OS boot watchdog timer failure

I have extracted the EFI error log, but am not sure how to interpret it.

Should I attach the EFI log to this post?

Can you suggest next steps?

I am running

  • Dual Xeon DP Broadwell-EP E5-2699 v4
  • Cottonwood Pass Server Board Intel DBS2600CW2R
  • 4U Server Rack or Pedestal Intel P4304XXMUXX
  • Windows 10
  • 512 GB RAM
  • RAID:
    • One Umbrella Canyon
    • One Dark Canyon
  • NIC: Twinville X540T2G1P5
  • All firmware for the RAID Cards and system, including the HSBP, are up to date
  • NVIDIA display adapter was swapped out for a different card.
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Hello TW,



Please help us proving additional information:



Have you tried testing different components on your system? For example memory, power supply, etc.



Did you recently make any hardware or BIOS changes on your system?



Can you please provide to us the BIOS version?



As first troubleshooting suggestion, please try to boot your system with the minimal system configuration, with no peripherals attach and just one memory module.




Best regards,


Sergio S.

It seems to be working now, for over a day, after perhaps 20-30 times switching off after perhaps 10 minutes.

I am certain that some of the BIOS settings needed to be corrected (the boot drive, for example) and I checked some other SETUP settings to see whether they made sense. I had not made any deliberate configuration updates recently, but updated the firmware for all components, including the drive controllers, anyway. Stability returned soon after.

We can close this case for now, thanks.



Hello Timothy Wig,



We are glad to hear that you were able to resolve your problem. We will be closing this thread as per your request.



Feel free to contact us back in case you need further help.



Sergio S.