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S2600WF with Virtual Media over HTML5 Problems


good afternoon! I faced such problem with this Intel Server:

Server prod.CODE R2308WFTZSR


TA.NO K40014-011

a problem occurred while uploading a file IMG/ISO from BMC and VIRTUAL MEDIA over HTML5 - download stops during download(foto in attach), and when in the boot menu I choose to load my image under UEFI, won't load, just black screen, after 3-4 minutes the server restarts and everything tries to boot again from my virtual image and again goes to restart.

I updated the BIOS and BMC to the latest ver, reset bios to default but that didn't work, ried an older bios but the behavior is the same, tried different files IMG or ISO.

bios versions and so on are visible on my screenshots

from different browsers and different computer (other 3 PC) one of them Macbook and always hanging.

I tried it on a similar server with the same board but a different processor and memory, but the latest BIOS versions are the same, it freezes when the virtual boot file is added.

can you tell me what could be the problem because two identical motherboards behave the same,I am very concerned about this(sorry for the mistakes i'm not used to writing in english)


I'm waiting for an answer. Thank you

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Hello Yevgeniy,

I found a duplicate ticket describing Virtual Media over HTML5 issues on Intel® Server System R2308WFTZSR. For this reason, we will proceed to close this thread. 

I recommend that you continue the support through the the other ticket.

Thank you for your understanding.

Wanner G.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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good afternoon!

Yes, I had to create a request to technical support, we are solving this problem there, I did not receive an answer here, the topic can be closed, I hope technical support will help in another topic

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