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S2600WTTR Performance Issues


Hoping someone will see this and have alternative ideas.


I submitted Case# 04314053 with Intel support almost 3 weeks ago now.

But it is stuck in some kind of escalation status and customer is still running on under powered backup systems.


System Info

Product Name(ASCII) : S2600WTTR

Part Number(ASCII) : G92187-372


BMC Firmware Version:

  Op Code....... 1.56.11315

  Boot Code.............. 01.07

ME Firmware Version: 

  Boot Code:

SDR Version: 

  SDR version: SDR Package 1.18



Here is my issue.

Believe we have an issue with the power management controller on motherboard.


We installed Server 2019 and are able to replicate results from ESX OS.


System has been reset (CMOS and Flea Drained) and latest firmware flashed.


Situation 1

·        System with both power supplies connected and all BMC interfaces reporting healthy.

·        System runs at 1.20GHz Max at all times.

·        Sometimes sporadically drops to 2 cores active per processor and processor clock is .40GHz.


Situation 2

·        System with single power supply connected, BMC only shows PSU redundancy error

·        System runs at proper ~2.60GHz Boost speeds for approx. 2 hours.

·        Suddenly system will clock down to 1.20GHz

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Hello Greg,


Thank you for joining the community


We found the record of the case you refer to. As you correctly state it is been escalated to engineering. We strongly recommend to continue over the original case since there is work already been done and is about to be answered in any moment.


Anyways we will leave this thread open so other community members can share their thoughts about your issue




Jose A.

Intel Customer Support Technician

Under Contract to Intel Corporation

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