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S3200SHV: LSI MegaRaid Web Console 2 Error Message (Win2000!)


I've managed to install Win 2000 Server Standard (german) using the onboard LSI RAID (2 Disks, RAID1). When I try to install the MegaRaid WebConsole 2 (Version 6.50.04) the installer tries to start the so called "Vivaldi framework" (which is part of the WebConsole). This framework presents me the attached error message, complaining about a missing export in ntdll.dll. This export in fact does exist in ntdll.dll since WinXP/2003, but not Win2000.

As Windows 2000 is listed as a supported os in the driver package I'd really like to have the web console running, incl. network support. Is there anything I can do to resolve the error?

Note: Yes, I do know, that Windows 2000 is no longer supported by Microsoft, but our customer still needs this very "special" business software, that refuses to work under any newer os.

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Windows 2000 is not a supported operating system on S3200SHV. If you really want to run Windows 2000, maybe virtualization is a possible solution.