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S3420GPV reboots to wrong disk


Anyone out there run into this? I have the S3420GPV loaded with 6 sata disks using onboard connections, only setup using Linux software raid/lvm. But I also have a Highpoint SATA Rocketraid card installed with a single disk. I have the current bios v49 loaded, and in the bios boot order I have the correct first 3 disks I use as one of the RAID mirror to boot from. Any of these disks will boot without error.

On occasion, if I do a reboot, the server will decide to boot into a different disk than the first 3 specified in the boot order. And consequently, it fails to boot up and leaves at a busybox prompt. Its like the bios decides it needs to use a different disk order? Not a big deal for normal operation,but I can't reboot this thing remotely, which is really annoying! It is a problem if the power is out for a long enough time period, like overnight. Because it may not come up with the correct disk and fail to load. So I will get a call first thing in the morning from people in the office.

If during reboot this happens, I can cut the power and plug it back in. It will then boot up correclty. Just not during a reboot process.

I see this on two servers, of 4. All same basic config, except the two with the issue have an addon controller installed. The other two only have 3 disks , no extra controller, so they never get the oportunity to load alternate disks. Note also, that I've seen this issue with different brand and model addon controllers.

Any suggestions are appreciated.



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Ok, I may have answered my own question. I just went into boot drives and set all but the 3 I want to "disabled". rebooted just fine! I did a few reboots, no more issue, but time will tell. I'll repost if otherwise, but I think its fixed. (Duh!, why I didn't think of that before.... I don't know.)

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