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S5000VSA won't update BIOS

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I want to upgrade the BIOS on my S5000VSA.

BIOS ID S5000.86B.01.00.0034. Deployment tool tells me "BIOS:0034, BMC: 0.64,FRUSDR:17"

I've tried it with 94 and 96 Packages using DOS boot or Deployment tool. Nothing works.When using latest Deplyment Tools it get:

Error at FRUSDR upgrade: Probe Processor_Core: This command requires SMBIOS table version 2.5 and above to work

Errot at BIOS update: Current BIOS is not compatible to be updated to this package

Anybody out there who can provide me somw tips what to do?

Best Regards


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Hi there,

Try this:

Create USB Bootable Memory Stick using the Tool BootFlashDos.

Then Download the previous firmware package Bios Version 0070

Follow these instructions below:

1) Extract contents to USB Flash Drive


2) Verify that the R0070.CAP, UPDATE.BAT and IFLASH32.EXE files are present


on the USB Flash drive


3) Verify that BIOS Bank Select Jumper is set to Normal mode (2-3).


4) Power system on and boot to USB Flash Drive from Boot Manager


5) At the command prompt type "update".


6) Flash update should complete within 3 minutes


7) Shut down the system but leave it connected to AC power


8) Clear CMOS by moving the Clear CMOS jumper to the clear position and back.


9) Boot system and enter BIOS Setup by pressing the F2 Key during POST


10) Verify BIOS string


11) Press F9 to load defaults


12) Press F10 to save and reset the system.


13) Power system on and boot to USB Flash Drive


14) At the command prompt type "update".


15) Flash update should complete within 3 minutes


16) Reboot system and enter BIOS Setup by pressing the F2 Key during POST


17) Verify BIOS string

If this is successful, then update to the latest package Bios Version 0096, run batch file bios96.bat

If it does not work, use another USB key, test if the usb is bootable on another server board if possible.

All the best,





I have a question about the bios version. Can you update the bios from the first to the latest version? Or you have to make the step-by-step?



It depends on how old your BIOS/Firmware version is. If your BIOS version is older than 66, update to 66 first, then you'll need to apply a standalone FRUSDR (see for details), then you can update to the latest version.