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S5000XALR status light blinking green power button dissabled


Hello I recently bought a S5000XALR motherboard and I have installed it into a 4u chassis with no special features, just an on/off and reset switch, 3 leds, and 2 usb ports. I have added 4 8gb FBDIMMS and 4 4gb FBDIMMS for the memory and 2 intel Xeon X5470 processors. When I plug in the power cord all the fans, 3 sys fans, 2 cpu fans, and the power supply fan all spin and the status light starts to blink the green and amber then goes to a steady green for a few seconds and starts to blink green meaning there is a degrate somewhere. The power button on the control remains disabled and the fans keep spinning. I have tried to use only 2 sticks of memory and even one and changed the ones I was using to check if there might be a problem with one of them. I have tried using only one processor and tried each by it's self. I have tried unhooking all hard drives and cd's and even the 2 usbs on the case. When I start with no processor in I get the beeping, but when I start with no ram in I don't get the beeping that Intel has to;d me I should be getting without memory, and the status light still stays blinking green instead of the solid amber it should be. I have also tried using 2 different processors to no avail. any thoughts on to where I should go from here with the trouble shooting would be very much appreciated. This is the second S5000XALR I have bought the first blew a transistor when I plugged it in I'm just hoping this isn't another bad board.

Thank You again

and like always stay safe and have fun

Christopher J. Crandall

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