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S5500BC Memory query re 3 short beeps from BIOS


I have a new S5500BC, I ordered 4 x 2G Kingston Intel certified Ram (listed as compatible). The Ram I received was not certified.

Anyway, the Ram was installed and as the BIOS was loading (just before the AHCI SATA message) it gives 3 quick short beeps.

I did some digging and the information I saw was that this indicates a memory problem.

I tried the 4 sticks individually and in combinations and always heard the 3 beeps on a boot.

I ran the latest Memtest 86+ for 6 hours with no errors.

After many hours playing around and installing various tests OS's, after the system was up for approx 10 hours, it stopped with a Memory parity error.

I returned that RAM and the suppliers sent me the certified Ram.

When I inserted this Ram the BIOS still gave those 3 short beeps.

I rang the 1 800 for Intel support in Australia and the support person told me that on the newer boards, these 3 beeps is now normal.

I have run Memtest 86+ with ECC on for 24 hours without any errors or problems.


I would just like it if some one here could confirm this for me or whether it does in fact indicate that there is a problem with the S5500BC board.

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The short beeps are not error beeo codes. 3 long beeps indicates memory error, and normally you get no display or error message on screen.


Thankyou, that makes me feel better.

I can now go out and get another E5520 CPU and maybe another 8GB of RAM just because the slots are there

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