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SS4200-E external usb disk - cannot write


We have a SS4200-E machine. I connect an external 1,5TB disk to it (Seagate freeagent) and the ss4200 recognizes it and gives it a folder name (USB_Seagate_FreeAgent). Problem is whatever I try, I cannot write to the external disk, ony read from it, even if a set it (from the admin page) as Not Secured.

I have tried

* setting the folder as Not Secured, still I cannot write to it (it still shows the lock icon even if I set it as Not secured)

* setting it as Secured write and/or Secured read/write with full read/write permissions for any user, still all users are set to Read only. Even the admin.

* creating a new User and giving it write access- still cannot write (i select Read/Write for the user, click Apply but still it says it is set only to "Read")

Any suggestions? What am I doing wrong?

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Are you using NTFS on your USB hard drive? You'll need to format it to FAT32 to make it writable... See

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