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SS4200E - Format hard drives

I have a SS4200E that I cannot get to work.


I have tried;


no drives - just the DOM with the switch on "M"


one drive Seagate ST3500320AS (500 gig)


two drives Seagate ST3500320AS (500 gig)

I then created partitions on each drive, and formated each.


There was no data on either drive.

When formating should there be no partitions on the drive?

I understand no boot partition, but what about extended partitions?


Sorry but this is my third day of trying to get this to work. I have nothing but blue flashing light on the power.
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Re: SS4200E - Format hard drives

I'd suggest you remove all partitions on the hard drive (primary and extended partitions) before you install it into SS4200-E. If you're using only two hard drives, also check

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