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Server Motherboard SE7320SP2? How to build? Alternative parts? Modern parts that support this motherboards physical layout etc? Help me build this machine.


I want to build a pc that supports the old hard drive interface IDE that is close to todays standard of fast pc. I found this motherboard or server board from intel  Server Motherboard SE7320SP2 but I can't seem to find everything for it in one place at an affordable price for a budget pc. I want to use the system to format, clone, ide hard drives, from sata and back and fourth quickely. This intel motherboard server board supports dual cpu socket 604 and I hope it will take a tigerton late xeon release right before the legendary xeon super socket of 771. The 7300 chipset code name tigerton gave you the processing power of an 8 core xeon 771 socket times 2 but still used the older interfaces such as ide. I want to build one of these servers but I can't find a way to start. the motherboard cpu and ram are inexpensive. The power supply and case are rediculousely expensive. Anyway anyone out there with info on how to build or get parts for this machine for cheap or if you have a part number list from intel please chim in and say something to this post.

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Hello KHoga, Thank you for joining the community I see that you are having an issue with SE7320SP2 server board. I would like to comment that this product has reached the End of Interactive Support status with Intel; therefore, support is limited to information posted on the website. You can get the available information in the following URL: Hope this helps Jose A. Intel Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel Corporation
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