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Server based on S2400LP will not start



I have 4 servers based on this board [ ARK | Intel® Server Board S2400LP] and 4 CPUs E5-2420v2.

I installed the CPUs but none of the servers would boot!

The fans power up but I get no Signal on the VGA Port

and it can't drive a USB keyboard.

I have installed 2x Cruical 16GB DDR3 16000 1.35v Modules (CT16G3ERSLD4160B).

I also removed all memory as advised in the troubleshooting guide

but I hear no beeps when I switch on.

Also the POST code LEDs stay all off.

What do I do wrong?


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4 servers, 4 cpu = 1 per board?

Guess # 1

Did you install the CPU in the slot in the middle of the board?

Center CPU is the boot processor.

Guess # 2

What BIOS version is on the board?

It is hard to tell, but there is a tiny white sticker on top of the BIOS flash chip. Should say R01.08.xxxx or higher for V2 CPUs.

It can also be looked up if you have the boards part number.


Less than R01.08.xxxx will only boot V1 processors. (If you have a V1, you can boot and update the BIOS code stack, then switch back to the V2)
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Thanks for your Reply!

Well I think then Guess # 2 applies:

I have a chip with a label that says R01.02.

So this is too old right?

There is really no other chance than getting a non V2 E5-24xx CPU?

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